Window Cleaning -  Are dusty windows getting you down? Let the Window Clean Team help brighten up you home today!  We use the best professional products and tools available to give you clean, Streak-free, sparkling windows, Guaranteed!

Mirror Cleaning -  Next to clean windows, clean mirrors are the best room brighteners.  Whether you have just one small decorative mirror to be cleaned - or closet doors full of finger prints - or even a full mirrored wall- we can get the job done - bright and clean and streak free, 100% of the time.

Screen Washing - We don't hide a clean window behind a dirty screen.  We hand wash both sides of your screens with a safe and effective 100% biodegradable soap, then carefully re-install them when dry.  (included in your service)

Track Vacuuming -  You don't have to live here long to know what our frequent, blowing sand storms do to window and door tracks.  The Window Clean Team will brush and vacuum out those sandy tracks for you, not only helping your sliding doors and windows glide more smoothly, but making your whole room look cleaner and brighter.  (Inckluded in your window cleaning service)

Solar Panel Cleaning - Solar panels represent a significant investment. You can keep that investment returning savings on your utility bills by cleaning the surfaces.  Dirt, Leaves and bird droppings can reduce your solar power output up to 30% or more.  Solar panel manufacturers recommend cleaning every 3 - 6 months.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning -  Got a pile of fuzz and allergens sitting on your ceiling fans?  Let our technicians clean them for you.

Shower Door Cleaning - Tired of time consuming scrubbing with less than stellar results? We have the right product to cut through tuff build up and water stains.  Finish up with our glass sealer and lengthen the time between cleanings.

Skylights -  We can clean the dust, dirt and grime from your skylights and let the wonderful Southern California sun shine in!  If you have Solar Panels on your roof this is a good time to clean those also.

Pressure Washing and De-Webbing -  Pressure washing enhances the look of your property by removing unsightly sand, dirt, mold and cobwebs, allowing you to enjoy your exterior living spaces too!  Our Technicians are trained and qualified to safely perform the job without causing damage to stucco or other surfaces.  Power washing is available for both residential and commercial clients.

Hard Water Stain Removal -   If you can't keep the irrigation sprinklers from blowing water onto the windows, let us remove the spots they leave behind.  Water stains can be stubborn.  You must scrub, scour and breath in chemical fumes in the process.  We have found that 90% of the time we can make the glass appear as good as new.


Commercial Window Cleaning -  Window Clean Team has been entrusted by numerous property management companies and businesses to maintain the exterior windows, power washing walkways, structure and canopies.  See What we do,

Screen Repair and Replacement -  If you have bent, torn, broken or completely missing screens just let our technician know or contact our office at 760-200-5239 to custom fit a replacement. 

Do you find yourself struggling to slide open your sliding doors?  Well struggle no more. provides expert sliding door repair.  In 30 minutes time you can have E-Z sliding doors.

Retractable Screen Doors - 

Want a demonstration for a Retractable Screen Doors?

There are many retractable Screen brands on the market today. has installed and services many different name brands of retractables like Phantom, Mirage, Clearview, Wizard, and others.